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Important announcement for my TMBG-related followers!

Right, so remember the tmbg-song-a-day blog that I used to co-run with a friend (until we both got jobs and were too busy and sad all the time to update it)? My co-blogger just interviewed John Flansburgh today, and Flans told him to call him back to schedule another interview with him or John Linnell, and I may possibly get to sit in on that second interview, so this is all very exciting. If we get to talk to John Linnell there will probably be a bunch of really embarrassing clarinet geekery going on…

Anyway, the interview is currently scheduled to air Monday, the 11th of March, during my friend’s radio show (“The Spektrum”), which streams live over the internet at wruw.org so you can listen to it no matter where you live in the world. If you don’t catch it live, you can also download the archived show for up to a week.

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  1. ceruleancitrus said: ah great, I will have to remember that! man I loved that song a day blog when you were running it, it’ll be awesome to hear you guys get to interview one of the Johns!
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