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I told you guys I’d eventually provide photographic evidence of my having been a Zombie Margaret Thatcher for Halloween. It was a v. hip thing to wear to a punk rock show, obviously; I met a couple at the gig who said they had been planning on going as Thatcher and Reagan next year, so I felt smugly satisfied at having done it first

embarrassing selfie time, wooooo

Unfortunately it was the end of the night by the time these were taken so the makeup had sort of worn off and the fake blood had sort of congealed into a gross flaky mess. If you ask why I didn’t go all out and have the clothes all dirty and blood-soaked, it’s because I borrowed the suit from my grandmother. I couldn’t find a blue one anywhere! They aren’t visible in the photo, but I borrowed some 1980s high heels from my mother, which looked very authentic, but were absolutely miserable to wear. I hated wearing the wig, but I thought it looked pretty good. Most of my prep in the evening consistent of me aggressively spraying it with hairspray and shouting “WHY WON’T YOU GET BIGGER?” at it. Ah, the 80s.

idk who I’m dressing as in 2014, but I really don’t want to wear another wig. Should probably find somebody w/ dark hair/eyes to go as for a change…

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